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Yacht Crane

Durable and safe yacht cranes
Kleeco’s Yacht Cranes are specially designed to effortlessly lower pleasure yachts into the water and to safely lift them out of the water for repair works, winter storage or cleaning. All of our harbor equipment, which also includes Cradles, Supports and Frames, is easy to use, operate, inspect and maintain. In addition to several standard Yacht Cranes, Cradles, Supports and Frames we are able to design and build a solution tailored to your specifications.

User friendly, innovative design and low maintenance
The Kleeco Yacht Cranes are designed and built with ease of use and service in mind. Instead of a hoisting winch, a hydraulic internal cylinder is used to lift the yacht. It extracts the hoisting cable over several sheaves. This technique has proven its value in elevators for many years. It is a safe and highly controllable system with a 30% longer working life compared with a conventional electrically powered static crane. What’s more, it will reduce maintenance costs by 70%.
The hydraulic lifting cylinder, cables and sheaves are all built into the crane mast, which results in a smooth looking crane and excellent protection of the more vulnerable parts of the system.
The boom of the Kleeco Yacht Crane can easily be lowered to a horizontal position for maintenance and inspection purposes or if environmental considerations apply.

Features and benefits:

  • Lifting and flight adjustment by means of hydraulic cylinders
  • Standard radio remote control, standard control panel
  • Low manpower costs, easily operated.
  • 30% longer working life compared to a conventional electrically powered static crane
  • 70% less maintenance costs

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