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Slipway Trailer

Safely launch, recover and park boats
Kleeco has designed a wide range of Slipway Trailers to safely launch and recover sailboats, catamarans, dinghies, pleasure boats, multi hulls and more, and then transport them over any terrain and park them in a storage facility. Don’t waste a square inch of your precious space! Kleeco Slipway Trailers are easy to operate and help you make the most of your storage area.

What you should know about Kleeco Slipway Trailers

  • Kleeco Slipway Trailers come in various capacities and sizes. They are adjustable in width, length or height if so desired.
  • The high quality U-shaped slipway trailers are designed to be low maintenance constructions. They can be adjusted with the hydraulic system of the towing vehicle
  • Kleeco Slipway Trailers can be towed by a fork lift truck, a push dozer, a telescopic handler or a tractor.
  • The lift cylinders of the trailer have controlled, swing type check valves for maximum safety.
  • Self propelled Kleeco Slipway Trailers have their own hydraulic system and controls.
  • The suspension frame with heavy duty cushions is adjustable and supports the hull of the ship
  • The length of the draw bar is adjustable, which allows you to transport boats of various lengths.
  • Kleeco Slipway trailers secure stability under all conditions and on all terrains.
  • The paint system used on our product is of superior quality. All steel parts are grid blasted near silver white. For the standard paint system they are covered with a layer of two-pack epoxy paint. After this layer is cured and checked, a layer of high solid two-pack polyurethane paint is applied, which gives an easy to clean and maintain gloss finish. For even higher requirements we can apply an extra layer of two-pack epoxy and even galvanize the trailer for the more hostile environments such as sea or salt water.

Use a Kleeco Slipway Trailer to give your customers the best and safest service.

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