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Kleeco Carriers and Yard Trailers – safe, durable, fast, efficient
Kleeco designs and manufactures safe and durable Carriers and Yard Trailers to transport and store boats fast and efficiently. Kleeco Carriers and Yard Trailers are easy to operate and help you to transport boats with great precision, regardless of the terrain. They come in a wide range of capacities and capabilities for all kinds of powerboats and sailing yachts.
Do you want your boat carrier towed or self-propelled?

What Kleeco can do for you
With many decades of expertise Kleeco has built up an excellent reputation in the maritime industry. In addition to the standard range of carriers with capacities from 10 -1000 tons, we are able to provide innovative custom made solutions for any situation. Our highly skilled and experienced engineering team enjoy working with you to design and build the ideal boat trailer to your specifications.

Kleeco Carrier
The standard Kleeco Carrier is a steerable towed boat trailer available in a wide range of capacities from 10 – 1000 tons. The Kleeco Carrier which are made up to 100 tons and beyond that there is the brand new Kleeco Modular Carrier Support System the next step in heavy transport, watch this website for more information about the Kleeco Modular System in the future or contact us now to learn more.

A Kleeco Carrier is easy to work with, just link it to a towing vehicle which provides the power for the hydraulics. Two latches for hydraulics and a connector provide all the power. The yard trailer can be fully controlled from the towing vehicle with a control panel.
There are also self propelled boat trailers. The Kleeco Modular Systems can only be delivered with engine and hydraulics, these are self supporting units. Would you like to know more about a Kleeco carrier, self propelled carrier or a K.M.S? Click here to contact us

Advantages of Kleeco Carriers and Yard Trailers

  • Very easy to operate with forklift or tractor
  • Low manpower costs: easily operated by a minimum of manpower
  • Solid or pneumatic wheels and bogie construction make them suitable for all terrains
  • Tailor made solutions

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