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Travel-Lift for industrial purposes
Have you got heavy loads to lift on a daily basis? Kleeco’s robust equipment gets the job done for you, safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our huge hoists include travel-lifts, gantry cranes and straddle carriers. Kleeco Travel-Lifts are available with load capacities of 20 – over 1,000 tons.

The high quality components of Kleeco industrial hoisting equipment and marine cranes are sourced from trusted suppliers. The steelwork is shot blasted (near silver white) and coated with a heavy-duty paint system to ensure durability.
All Kleeco hoisting equipment is extensively tested and inspected prior to delivery. On top of all that, Kleeco machines are not only sold worldwide but also globally serviced.

Standard Travel-Lift or custom made solution?
Kleeco offers a range of standard cranes and hoists to suit varying needs and industrial situations. With our excellent in-house design team and state of the art production facilities we are also able to design and build a hoisting solution to your specifications. Our experienced engineers look forward to work with you.

Kleeco never compromises on quality to achieve cost savings. The safety of your people comes first, second and third! Our team of experts ensure that you get a sturdy, reliable industrial hoist that will keep your operations going effortlessly for many years. The qualities of our cranes include low maintenance, low operational costs and a safer work environment for the operator and staff.
You can’t get better value for your money.

Some of the advantages of Kleeco Travel-Lifts:

  • Low maintenance
  • Low operational costs
  • Safer work environment

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